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You request for Pickup

Request for FREE Pickup

Process begin with you request for FREE pickup using our mobile App or website or by email or by just calling us!

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We Pick Your Clothes

We Pick Your Clothes

The automated process starts as soon as your clothes go into the machine. The outcome is gleaming clothes!

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We Apply Our Magic

We Apply Our Magic

We apply the best eco-friendly techniques of the industry with premium quality in a timely fashion!

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We Deliver At Your Doorstep

We Deliver At Your Doorsteps

We have pioneered the concept of pickup and delivery in the shortest possible time. We intend keeping it that way!

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LaundrAid: Your Laundry On-The-Go

Subscription-based Laundry On-The-Go service to take care of your dirty laundry every week for just 98.50 per month
We will provide you with our bag to fill up your dirty laundry and will deliver you Cleaned & Folded cloths with the fresh smell

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Offering innovative solutions is our passion. We endeavor to attain a high customer satisfaction in our field and want to exceed your expectations.

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Out of years of experience with the state of the art dry cleaning equipment, we have gained a unique track record.

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With our innovative solutions and cost effectiveness, we strive to satisfy our customers and always succeed!

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Clean job always with information

Stain Gremlin ruining your party spirits?

Have you ever been all cleaned up, just about to go out the door only to look down and spot a mysterious stain on the front of your outfit? And you know you just did laundry yesterday, and you SWEAR that this stain wasn’t there before. Or maybe you just took your favorite summer outfit […]

Why Bother with a Professional Cleaner?

We know that when it comes to you clothes you’d like to keep them as nice as possible, for as long as possible. Your outfit is an expression of self, and one of the things that people notice first. So of course you’d like them to be in top shape. Everyday life, and accidents happen […]

Summer Fun VS Potential Hazards to your Favorite Summer Wear

Your glamourous summer wardrobe can quickly turn disastrous when you’re not aware of potential harm to those delicate fabric fibres. Here are some top tips: Antiperspirants: Deodorant and antiperspirants can and will build up on your clothes, and we know you’ll be piling it on for that summer heat, However, these products can cause fibre […]